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  • La Rivoluzione Giottesca raccontata attraverso un secolo di Storia

Padova Urbs picta. Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel and Padua’s fourteenth-century fresco cycles

This is the Italian Nomination to the World Heritage List for 2020 Committee !!!

The ‘Padova Urbs picta’ nomination is an ambitious project that brings together a unique body of work: fresco cycles painted in different secular and religious buildings throughout the city by various artists over the century or so after Giotto had painted his innovative Scrovegni Chapel frescoes, his undoubted masterpiece in this medium.

News from Padova Urbs picta 

From today, some of the places in the candidacy of Padova Urbs picta reopen to the public with new ways of use. In particular, Cappella degli Scrovegni, Palazzo della Ragione, la Basilica del Santo e l’Oratorio di San Michele will be able to welcome the public again.

In compliance with the rules and to ensure the safety of each, we invite you to read the methods of visit on the respective websites, to comply with the prescribed hygiene rules and any visit and booking shifts.

Padova Urbs picta converses tirelessly with the city and the local schools. Last week in an online conference the works of the #InstaPicta project, organized and promoted by IreCoop del Veneto with the Municipality of Padua and the 4BT classes of the Einaudi-Gramsci Institute, 4C of the Duke of Aosta and 3H of the Curiel high school.

Excellent results, thanks to the relevant contemporary “rereadings” of the contents of the World Heritage List Candidacy that the students managed to achieve.

At what point in Padova Urbs picta candidacy process? The current emergency health situation has not stopped the process, which is continuing according to the procedures.

In February, the last document requested with the replies to the Interim Report was sent to ICOMOS.


Padova Urbs picta in Music with Lilium Sound Art

Contacts – Info

Comune di Padova – Settore Cultura, Turismo, Musei e Biblioteche
  • Via Porciglia 35 – Padova
  • +39 049 820 4513
  • musei@comune.padova.it
, candidatura@padovaurbspicta.org